Co-branding, Co-marketing, Co-creation: what’s the difference?


Co-branding is when two distinct brands team up to create a unique product or service that works across their combined audiences, which they could not offer individually. This type of partnership involves the composition (ingredients, materials..), design, and the name of the product or service created. It should be a representation of both brands involved, sticking the name of the other brand on its product is not enough.

  • engage with current customers in a fresh and innovative way
  • grow their community
  • win new customers
  • increase sales
  • extend their visibility to a market they may not have had access to before
  • strengthen their brand equity/credibility
  • reinforce or evolve their positioning
  • offer something new at reduced costs
  1. Each brand involved must be transparent and clear on its objectives from the start, working toward a similar goal

LEGO x Adidas

LEGO® x Adidas® ZX 8000

Ben & Jerry’s x Netflix


Co-branding and co-marketing are similar concepts, both involve partnerships between brands seeking to strengthen their marketing efforts, but they differ in how they are executed.

  1. It can also be a well-known and established brand (primary brand) helping a less famous or early stage brand (secondary brand) gain awareness and visibility. Usually, this happens when the primary brand is for example using ingredients, materials or tech softwares from the secondary brand, for its own products/services.
  • Content marketing partnerships
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Sponsoring
  • Loyalty program
  • Product placement
  • Social media contests
  1. Set mutual goals
  2. The purpose of the project must be similar for both brands involved
  3. There needs to be benefit parity
  4. Don’t partner with brands that could bring down your credibility
  5. Partner with brands that have the expertise you don’t have which your audience is interested in

Miller Lite x New Balance Shoezie Release: A Shoe for Your Beer


Co-creation is the practice of involving a brand’s audience (large or small) in the creation of a product, name, slogan, or advertising campaign, at no cost.

  • Be customer-centric, putting their experience at the heart of every decision
  • Build a powerful community

Chiara Ferragni x Nespresso

Pamela x NA-KD

Brand Coach & Strategist